Knife Gates

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Knife Gates


For small footprint areas or weighbridges

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A knife gate is a vertically lifted gate used for stopping or blocking cattle. These type of gates suit locations which are not suitable for a swing gate or where a lane is too wide for a slide gate. They have the good characteristic of quick closing which makes them very effective for stopping or baulking.


Knife gates are commonly used at entry and exits of weighbridges due to meeting all the criteria in this application. The common advantage of these gates is the small foot print, no swing arc or sliding area is required. However the overall opened height of the gate does need to be checked when installed inside a building. Pneumatics are used to operate the gates allowing remote and automatic operation. Knife gates are mainly used in feedlot and saleyard operations.

Knife Gate Design

Thompson Longhorn manufactures knife gates with non-sheeted and pneumatic options. Non-sheeted gates reduce the lift weight offering better opening speed. However, a narrow width gate can be sheeted if extra baulking effectiveness is required. The pneumatics offer benefits over hydraulics such as quicker operation, lower cost, ease of maintenance and a reduction of potential hazards. The lower cost is due to a number of factors. Each component is cheaper, there is no need for a hydraulic pump as a single air compressor is used for the entire site and installation and maintenance does not require the services of a specialized/qualified person.

Certified Weighbridges

A certified weighbridge is required when animal weights are used to calculate monetary transactions. When knife gates are used in conjunction with a certified weighbridge, there needs to be consideration for preventing weight interference and machinery access. Dual knife gates are typically used on both the entry and exit to prevent other animals, that aren’t on the bridge, to interfere with the measured weights. The clearance under an open gate also needs to allow the access of a skid steer loader or container mast height forklift. This is essential for certified weighbridges during a recalibration using certified weights and has to be done at regular intervals. Access may also be required for animal removal, which is rare on weighbridges, and cleaning, especially if the site uses a powered rotary broom on a skid steer loader.


  • Vertical lift gate for stopping, baulking or blocking cattle
  • Commonly used with weighbridges
  • Commonly used by feedlots and sale yards
  • Have a small footprint
  • Gates are pneumatically lifted and typically non-sheeted
  • Pneumatics offer more benefits over hydraulics, quick operation, lower cost, easier to maintain and don’t offer potential hazards
  • Certified weighbridges require prevention of weight interference and machinery access


  • Nylon guide wheels offering robust operation
  • Rubber buffered for noise reduction
  • Feet bolted to concrete or weighbridge allowing for removal and locating during installation (after concrete slab is poured)