Virtual tools can turn your ideas into easily communicated forms, such as 2D layout, 3D imagery and walk through animations. With good communication media your dream can easily be conveyed to others, such as employees, investors, manufacturers & contractors. For those planning & constructing their own stockyards, having detailed understanding of the project is vital for continuous and consistent work flow. At the end of the day we want you to enjoy your yard building experience.

At Thompson Longhorn we offer a number of different tools to help you achieve the final result.


Stockyard Analysis

With nearly 35 years experience and many yards in operation, we can combine your experience with ours to give you the best outcome. Each set of yards is analysed with regard to:

  • Reducing labour
  • Operator safety (also using Australian Standards)
  • Reducing operator walking distance
  • Effective cattle flow
  • Cattle comfort and reducing stress
  • Recommended yard capacities
  • Maximizing yard usage
  • Supporting use of the latest in technology (RFID, remote control, pneumatics etc.)
  • Integration into existing yards & operations

Stockyard Layouts / Plans

Sketches and layouts are the starting point of any stockyard design. These combine existing site information with design requirements & constraints. These include:

  • Yard capacities
  • Location of water troughs & underground services
  • Identifying concreted areas
  • Optimizing shaded areas
  • Overall dimension for estimating site preparation
  • Site function - people flow, cattle flow & gate swings

Stockyard technical specifications & details

People may think that there isn’t much to building a set of cattle yards, but getting something not quite what you were expecting can be very disappointing. It is surprising how many yards we build in which the owners are involved in the details rights down to latches and hinges. A full specification reduces the ‘grey area’ in your project. When comparing different manufacturer’s prices you need to know that you’re comparing apples with apples. If you have one with a cheaper price, it needs to be checked to see if something has been forgotten or if poor quality alternatives are offered.

Thompson Longhorn supplies not only written documents but also:

  • Block layouts
  • Block quantities (also known as quantity survey)
  • Yard block generic details

A block is a representation of a single unit, such as a panel (rails) between two posts, yard posts, gates frames for gates and the list goes on. Documents & details can be personalized with your company name and logo.

Budgeting & Cost Estimation

One of the most important aspects of any project is how much it is going to cost? With Thompson Longhorn’s detailed layout tools you can be assured of getting an accurate cost quickly. It also allows looking at various alternatives and breaking a project into stages. These reports are documented with a comprehensive breakdown giving a better understanding of where costs are and assurance of what is included or not included.

3D Visualisation

Visualizing a set of stockyards from a 2D sketch can be challenging, however, with rendered images and animations this can be overcome. With virtual images stockyard management can be discussed with those on the ground or the value explained to potential investors. Why not have enlarged colour prints on your office wall?

Computer rendered 3D image representation of your yard proposal

Computer rendered 3D image
representation of your yard proposal

Site Mark-outs / Stake-outs

Thompson Longhorn can also supply site position & location details. Precise locations help with speedy installation, prevent costly mistakes (drilling through services), inconvenience of putting services in last, etc. Details can include:

  • Site position (relative to existing infrastructure)
  • Hardstand (foundation)
  • Services trenching (for air, water, electricity etc.)
  • Concrete boxing (including cattle traction grooves / stamping)
  • Post hole drilling
  • Buildings & shades

This information is supplied as easy step by step details that any yard builder can use with an inexpensive tape measure. Alternatively data can also be supplied for a surveyor to use a total station.

Stockyard post hole drilling after site has been marked out

Stockyard post hole drilling
after site has been marked out