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A single stockyard post is the vertical post connecting stockyard panels. These give strength to a fence line preventing it falling over from livestock impact or pressure.

Stockyard Single Fence Post Design

All stockyard single posts are heavy walled square hollow section (SHS), which gives longer life and more strength. Each one is end capped to prevent water entering the post and coated with an external Dura-Gal protective coating. The height of the post is typically 50mm higher than the panels to which they connect.

Stockyard Single Fence Post Installation

There are two types of stockyard single posts to suit installation on concrete or in the ground. A concrete installation utilizes an adjustable leg which is bolted to the top of the concrete and an in-ground post which has post holes drilled into the ground and is concreted in place. The Thompson Longhorn hot-dip-galvanized adjustable leg technology has excellent anti corrosion properties, relocation ability and quick installation with height adjustability.

Stockyard Single Post Styles

Normal Post

  • These posts are plain posts with no drilled holes or cutouts
  • Site welded to rails or lugs
  • Used with water trough and beginning or ending configurations of 5 rail pre-cut panels
  • Used with unboltable panels
  • Available in either adjustable leg or in-ground types

Pre-cut Post

  • These posts have accurate laser cut-outs for oval rails or cables
  • Oval cut-outs are oversize allowing panels to follow a bend in a fence line and the terrain of the ground
  • With cable cut-outs post inserts are used to prevent water entering the post
  • Oval rails are site welded to posts once in place
  • Available in three different configurations: 5 rail pre-cut, 4 rail pre-cut and cable
  • All configurations available as in-ground type
  • 5 rail pre-cut configuration available with adjustable leg (other configurations are mainly used for feed/holding yards and not on concrete)