Videos: Core Operating Centre  

An Overview of Thompson Longhorn's Product Line This Clip Includes: Sandalwood Feedlot Interview Advantages of Pneumatics Draft Smart Remote Control Pneumatic / Computer Control Work Place Health & Safety Monarch Operation & Features EID Readers Auto Drafting Benefits Products: Monarch Cattle Crush Pneumatic Race & Crowd Weaner Cradle

Operating set of yards Part 1.

Operating set of yards Part 2.


This set of yards include: - Pneumatic Monarch MkII restrainer - Pneumatic 360 Crowding Yards - Pneumatic 3 way lane drafter - Single Curved Parallel Laneway - Pneumatic sliding gates

Camfield Auto Weigh Draft

Thompson Longhorn Drafting.

EID Sorting

Yard operation in the new cattle yard facility at Allandale

Abattior race operation