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NVLX - Northern Victoria Livestock Exchange, Wodonga VIC

Thompson Longhorn was responsible for the detailed design, fabrication, and installation of the Northern Victoria Livestock eXchange (NVLX) at Baranwartha, VIC. After the contract was awarded in January 2014 the final design concept was locked-in by April and the detailed design had begun. Fabrication of standard componetry began immediately and ran concurrently with site installation, which began in mid-September and was completed by mid-January 2015.

In addition to the design, fabrication and construction of cattle handling equipment and yard components, Thompson Longhorn was also responsible for the livestock drinking water system, dust suppression, drainage sumps, supply, and installation of 442 cubic metres of concrete and integration of building columns with the cattle yard infrastructure.

An integral part of this project is the high level of automation that is commonly required in a modern saleyard. NVLX features the very latest in Thompson Longhorn automation from pneumatic gates to computer controlled weighing and drafting systems; including: remote controlled crowding yards, slide gates, vertical gates, restrainers and both bulk and single weigh bridges. All automated equipment is operated by remote control or touch screen user interfaces.


  • 39 716m2 total yard area
  • 23 020L drinking trough capacity for cattle
  • 18 002m2 roof area
  • 2 200m elevated walkways
  • 1 649 gates
  • 296 selling pens (420 pens in total)
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CQLX - Central Queensland Livestock Exchange, Gracemere QLD

Thompson Longhorn was responsible for the detailed design, fabrication, and installation of the upgrade works to the Central Queensland Livestock eXchange (CQLX) at Gracemere, QLD.

We initiated the project by working through a highly sequenced planning phase through which a comprehensive redevelopment plan was formulated to ensure the upgrade works were conducted/completed without interruption to the operation of the existing saleyard activities.

As each section of the existing saleyard was to be independently overhauled, the redevelopment plan detailed the upgrade works required in each separate area.

Once this planning process was complete Thompson Longhorn was able to enter the detailed design phase. The design concept for each stage were finalised and the project was detailed, fabricated, and installed in thirteen distinct stages across a three-year period. 

This was a challenging project due to the restrictions and limitations posed by existing infrastructure and continued business operation. These challenges were overcome by devising a methodology and design that allowed a significant amount of construction to take place before "cutting in" the new works. The entire project required careful planning, design, execution, and management. Thompson Longhorn ensured that CQLX remained fully operational through all stages of the upgrade. 

Summary of Upgrade Work

  • Portable yards for use in existing Austadium pavilion as holding pens:
    - Disassembled when not in use and stored on site
    - Compact design and construction; modular elements
  • Two standalone automated pneumatic drafting facilities:
    - 8-way pneumatic pound draft with 360° pneumatic crowd
    - New concrete slabs to integrate with existing slab
    - Shade structure to cover all equipment
    - 4-way pneumatic lane draft integrated with existing fences
  • Gates throughout dip pens replaced
  • Holding pens constructed with elevated personnel walkways
  • Portable yards provided to maintain operational capability and functionality of saleyard
  • Selling pens: 68 pens, 18m2 each:
    - Elevated auctioneer's walkway
    - Suspended concrete public walkway
  • Separate public access walkway:
    - 4m above the ground
    - Connected existing public walkway with existing selling ring
    - Provided covered access to the saleyard complex, agent and site offices and public carpark
  • Gates in selling ring replaced with automated pneumatic gates
  • Automated weigh area:
    - Air gates at entry and in bugle, 360° pneumatic crowding yard and pneumatic slide gates
    - Bulk weigh facility: 10m x 3m weighbridge with 2-way exit and pneumatic vertical gates
    - Single weigh facility: weigh box and 9-way draft
    - 1200m2 shade structure to cover all equipment
  • Off-scale delivery pens were upgraded in two separate stages to ensure full operational capability of saleyard
  • Public access walkway within the weigh area


  • Reduced labour requirement
  • WH&S compliant walkways and steps
  • Improved animal flow
  • Improved safety for both animals and personnel
  • Improved on-site effluent management
  • Increase quantity of sale pens
  • Increased quantity of holding pens

Warwick Saleyards - Warwick, QLD

Thompson Longhorn was responsible for the detailed design, fabrication, and installation of the upgrade works at Warwick Saleyards, Warwick QLD.

The upgrade works included an automated drafting system with overhead operator's walkway, several gates, and panels to integrate with existing infrastructure and installation of guardrails on existing walkways to comply with OH&S requirements.

The cattle enter the automated drafting system through a 360° pneumatic crowding yard and process into a fully sheeted vee profile single laneway. A raised operator's walkway runs alongside both of these pieces of equipment. On exiting the laneway, the cattle are drafted through a 5-way pneumatic lane drafter. The overhead oeprator's walkway runs the length of the lane drafter and along the perimeter fence of the draft pens.

The majority of the upgrade works were installed on an existing concrete slab, requiring minimal additional concrete. This was a challenging project due to the space restrictions and limitations posed by the existing infrastructure. 


  • Reduced labour requirement
  • Improved animal flow
  • Improved safety for both animals and personnel
  • WH&S compliant walkways and steps