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Slide Gates


For blocking, baulking & indexing cattle

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A slide gate unit has a gate which slides sideways to block a narrow lane. This unit is mainly used in races and narrow lanes for the purpose of blocking, baulking, indexing and anti-backing. It is typically used in places where there is limited room and a traditional swing gate would pose an obstruction in its open position. There are three main types of slide gates, manual solid slide, pneumatic solid slide and pneumatic split slide. Each one offers its own unique advantages.


A manual solid slide gate offers a cost effective version to fulfill its purpose. The term ‘solid’ refers to a single gate and this gate is un-sheeted reducing the gates weight. The gate latches in its closed position preventing the possibility of livestock nosing it open. In all slide gates there is a door guide on the ground, which prevents the doors being damaged when livestock hits it or brushes past the end of it (particularly when trying to separate two animals).

Pneumatic Solid Slide

The pneumatic solid slide offers the user the ability to close it from a remote location. This allows the handler to reduce their walking distance and not distract or stress livestock. The pneumatic unit is also built heavier than a manual unit. A pneumatic solid slide gate is the best option for a race with catwalk as the gate can slide to the opposite side leaving the catwalk unobstructed.

Pneumatic Split Slide

The pneumatic split slider offers similar benefits as the pneumatic solid slider such as remote control, reduced walking and heavy construction. However the main advantage of the split slider is to assist with segregation of individual animals when indexing into a crush, lane draft or circular pound draft. When animals bunch together in a race, the split slider closing on the butt of one will encourage it to continue forward, while the slider closing on the head of the next animal will encourage it to go backwards. The gate only has to travel half the distance of a solid slider and also driven by small diameter rams. This makes it quick yet gentle, allowing the animals to remove themselves and prevent bruising. You are not able to hold livestock in a head lock with the split slide gate as you can in the headbail on a restrainer.


  • Sideways Sliding gate
  • Used in narrow lanes or races
  • Allows blocking, baulking, indexing and anti-backing
  • Suits indexing crush, lane draft or circular draft
  • Manual solid slide gate is cost effective
  • Pneumatic slide gate offers remote control; reduce walking distance and heavier construction
  • Pneumatic solid slide suits races with catwalk
  • Pneumatic split slide suits livestock indexing
  • Split slide is quick but gentle

Manual Slide Gate Features:

  • Feet bolted to concrete allowing for location during installation and removal
  • Lower gate guide track minimizes damage from impacts on gate as well as cattle brushing past the end of gate
  • Open railed gate reduces total weight

Pneumatic Slide Gate Features:

  • Heavy duty frame construction
  • Hot dipped galvanized feet good for highly corrosive environments
  • Adjustable feet can take minor variations in slab height
  • Feet bolted to concrete allowing for locating during installation (after concrete slab is poured) also removal
  • Lower gate track minimises damage from impacts on the gate as well as cattle brushing past the end of gate
  • Sheeted gates prevent tails & heads getting caught in gate when being opened as well as acting as a good baulk
  • Large roller bearing wheels have undergone rigorous testing to ensure a long life
  • Pneumatically operated gates have protective guarding.