Primary Producers

Cooper Yards.png

Cooper Yards - Allora QLD

Thompson Longhorn was responsible for the detailed design, fabrication, and installation of an automated processing facility near Allora, QLD. This project was a greenfield site and one of the key design requirements was operator safety.

The final design incorporated a pneumatic bugle entry gate, 360° pneumatic crowding yard, pneumatic adjustable width curved lane, pneumatic restrainer and a pneumatic 3-way draft. A shade structure was also provided to cover the restrainer and the draft area.

Although it is a small facility, with the capacity to manage approximately 200hd, there are several unique aspects to this project. The first is the level of automation within the working centre. The entire yard can be operated with a remote control. This level of automation more than satisfied the client's design requirement of operator safety.

The other standout feature of this project was the loading ramp. This was the first installation of Thompson Longhorn's single deck stepped-concrete-floor loading ramp. The concrete steps were precast at the Thompson Longhorn factory and installed on site. This ramp is now one of our most successful products. 

Stowe Park.jpg

Stowe Park - Biloela QLD

Thompson Longhorn was responsible for the detailed design, fabrication, and installation of a complete processing facility on a greenfield site near Biloela, QLD. This facility consisted of yards and a working centre which incorporated a pneumatic 5-way draft, custom bud box, parallel curved lane, restrainer (crush) and dock-style load out.

One of the key features and challenges of this project was the design of the bud box. This component was manufactured to client specifications and was the first time Thompson Longhorn had incorporated a bud box into a working centre. 

3D modelling software was utilised extensively throughout the design process from conceptualisation through to manufacture. This technology had proven invaluable to our design office, workshop, and clients; as project developments can be easily visualised and communicated with key stakeholders.  


Nindooinbah - Nindooinbah QLD

Thompson Longhorn was responsible for the detailed design, fabrication, and installation of an automated processing facility at Nindooinbah, QLD. This project was a greenfield site and consisted of an automated working centre accompanied by a full set of yards with additional feed pens.

The working centre is comprised of the following pneumatic equipment: 360° crowding yard, adjustable width curved lane, two restrainers, weigh-box, and 5-way draft. The bugle is fully sheeted and divided into three sections by pneumatic gates. A pound draft installed at the bugle entrance facilitates visual inspection and manual drafting of cattle. Adjacent single-deck loading and dump ramps with concrete steps, configured for side and rear loading complete with working centre. The entire working centre is automated and can be controlled via several remote control handsets in conjunction with a central control table.

One of the unique features of this project was for development purposes: large scale embryo transfer for custom and contract artificial breeding. Nindooinbah processes extremely high volumes of cattle annually because of the intensity of their artificial breeding programmes. It was essential for them to have a facility which was able to process a wide range and size of cattle efficiently, safely, and accurately. 

legune 082.jpg

Legune Station - Kununurra WA

Thompson Longhorn was responsible for the detailed design, fabrication, and installation of an extensive and complex automated processing facility at Legune Station in NT near Kununurra, WA. This facility consisted of two dual-race working centres, one for processing adult cattle and the other for processing calves and weaners. The entire working centre is completely automated and controlled via remote control handsets.

Cattle enter the yards through a fully sheeted bugle which is divided into three sections by pneumatic gates. The bugle is surrounded by a catwalk for personnel access and directs the cattle into the first of two 360° pneumatic crowding yards. 

The first crowding yard leads into a parallel curved race, pneumatic restrainer, and weigh-box. Following this, a 5-way pneumatic draft separates calves and weaners from the adult stock and separates cows and heifers for visual inspection and preg-testing.

The calves and weaners proceed through a 180° crowding yard into the weaner handling facility which consists of two sets of: weaner race, weigh-box, and weaner cradle. The pneumatic pound draft is used for visual inspection of heifers whilst cows are drafted through to the second 360° pneumatic crowding yard. This crowding yard leads into two preg-testing setups, each consisting of a fully sheeted parallel curved race, pneumatic cattle restrainer, and a 4-way pneumatic draft.