Newsletter - June 2015

Welcome to Thompson Longhorn’s first ever newsletter. As the company continues to expand and innovate, we have realized that many of our loyal customers are not aware of what we are up to and what is new. We hope that you find our quarterly newsletter informative.

First – a quick history lesson. In 1983 the Thompson brothers started manufacturing cattle handling equipment in their farm shed. Ten years later the company was sold to the Wolff family. In 2007 Byron Wolff took the opportunity to purchase the business from the family. The company has continued to move forward in leaps and bounds and now has a comprehensive design team, robotic welding facilities and an upskilled workforce.

Thompson Longhorn is now recognized and respected as a world class leader of innovative livestock handling equipment.

The head office and manufacturing facility is situated in the Goomburra valley, which is about 25km north of Warwick in south-east Queensland. From there equipment is transported around Australia, in fact, around the world.

Thompson Longhorn remains focused on being at the forefront of the industry. This can be achieved by collaborating with clients and partners to streamline and add value to livestock handling processes through the use of the latest technology, research and design.

Thompson Longhorn Factory Tours


Have you ever visited the TL factory? We welcome you to visit us and see our NEW automated trade display and our robotic welding facility at our factory just a 50 minute drive from Toowoomba. Simply turn east just south of Allora at the Goomburra turnoff and 12.5 km later you will be at Thompson Longhorn.

Robotic welding facility

Our opening hours are 8.00am until 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

An appointment is necessary for factory tours.

To book an appointment please call us on (07) 4666 6174

Thompson Longhorn,
288 Inverramsay Road,
Goomburra Qld 4362

Beef Australia 2015 Rockhampton

Main Entrance to Beef 2015 Rockhampton

The 5 days of Beef week in Rockhampton from May 4 – May 8, 2015 was extremely good for cattlemen from all over Australia. We were all able to see the latest technology as well as catch up with some old friends and gain new ones. Here are a few photos from our week at Beef 2015.

It was a wet set up for us during the assembly of our display site

The Thursday before Beef 2015 started, the skies opened up while we were setting up the display site. It was a credit to the organizers that they were able to clear up the very boggy lanes in time for the opening.

Thompson Longhorn's display at Beef 2015

Visitors to our display site were able to see a well-designed working centre. It can be manufactured to be fully automated, depending on your needs.

Featured Product

Double Deck Loading Ramp

A double-deck under and over cattle loading ramp was a prominent feature of our site at the recent Beef Week in Rockhampton. It was a great place from which to fly our company flag and a focal point to help many of our valued clients to find their way to our site.

Double-deck under and over cattle loading ramp

We were also surprised about the amount of interest the ramp raised. The interest did not just revolve around people who were in immediate need of a loading ramp, there was also a range of people who were interested in its modular construction and in particular the precast concrete steps that form the raceways. It is quite interesting that cattle are more relaxed walking up steps rather than a sloped ramp and that this has not been recognized sooner. Cattle, like us, can feel uncomfortable on uneven ground and can be apprehensive that the ground could suddenly turn into a slippery slope.

Precast steps in a loading ramp race

Loading ramps have recently come under more scrutiny in a bid to standardize how we load and unload stock (especially at commercial venues such as sale yards, feedlots and processing plants). The double deck ramp at Beef 2015 stimulated many discussions about walkway safety, animal welfare (especially bruising), access and driver safety. Steps are proving to be a far better alternative to that slippery slope.

NVLX (Northern Victoria Livestock Exchange)

Inside NVLX

NVLX was completed in time for the first sale on 12 February 2015. All the latest technology was installed on this site. For more information and to see some of the quantities involved with this massive, state-of-the-art saleyard click here.

The team from Thompson Longhorn and Brice Engineering at NVLX

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