Thompson Longhorn understands that your feedlot requires equipment that is durable, reliable, safe, and most of all, gives you the best return on investment. We have over 30 years of experience in both manufacturing and animal handling, and have collaborated with many feedlots over the years - from the largest through to the smaller ones. You will benefit from our continuous development, specifically for feedlots, and the variety of equipment that we manufacture, whether it is manually, pneumatically, or hydraulically operated. 

We understand that you, as a feedlot owner or operator, perform different tasks regularly - such as inducting or performing hospital treatments. Each of these tasks require different equipment that will provide the best return on investment by minimising break downs, increasing animal flow and decreasing the amount of labour required. This all results in a decrease in your cost to produce that extra kilogram of meat. 

We manufacture a large range of standard products, but you can benefit from our customising service to purpose-build an appropriate yard or piece of equipment that will meet your specific operational requirements. 

Why Thompson Longhorn?

Feedlots often have many questions when it comes to choosing what manufacturer to supply your equipment or new handling facility.

1. How do you choose a supplier for your yard or new equipment? The supplier should be the one that is still supplying parts 20 years down the track and gives you the best value for money.
2. What is the main point you should consider while making your decision? In the end, there should only be one - return on your investment - which means a decrease in your production costs.
3. Which option of design or layout is the best for your purpose? The one that delivers the lowest production costs for your operation.
4. Are there any regulations or rules that you need to consider before investing in the yard or equipment? Yes, natural animal behaviour should be incorporated in the design.
When we do your design, we ensure this is incorporated from the beginning of the design. 


Animal Welfare

The design of our product's and yards are based on local and international research done by renowned animal behaviourists and our own research over the last 10 years. We have incorporated this knowledge into the design of our products to create equipment that will greatly reduce bruising and is safe for your animals. 


Operator Safety

You and your staff's safety is our highest priority. Thompson Longhorn understands that workplace health and safety will only become more prominent in the industry, as an increasing number of people get hurt working with cattle. 

We understand that in a feedlot there are many safety regulations that need to be met to create a safe working environment for you and your workers. Our equipment will help you achieve the WH&S requirements and simultaneously increase productivity.

With our equipment you have one less thing to worry about - we also provide induction training for all of our equipment when required. 



Case Studies

Stanbroke Feedlot - Chinchilla, Qld

Thompson Longhorn was responsible for the supply and installation of separate load-out and induction facilities including custom double deck loading ramp, crowding yard, curved vee-race, and pneumatic draft.

The project began by developing a highly sequenced planning phase for the upgrade, so the project could be executed without interruption to the operation of the existing facility. Once this process and the overall design concept was completed, the project was detailed, fabricated, and installed in multiple stages.

The load-out facility was separated from the induction facility to integrate with existing vehicle and livestock access routes. The double deck loading ramp installed at Stanbroke was a custom design with a custom spring front. 

Kerwee Feedlot - Jondaryan, Qld

Thompson Longhorn was responsible for the detailed design, fabrication, and installation of an automated feedlot induction processing facility at Jondaryan, Qld. This project was a greenfield site and Thompson Longhorn delivered a complete solution package including design and constructed the drainage pit and shed.

This processing facility was the first installation of our latest restrainer - the Hydraulic Sumo - complete with Impact Cancelling Technology (ICT). The drafting system is connected to the feedlot's management software, allowing for real-time management decisions and automated livestock drafting. With a capacity of 11,000 SCU (Standard Cattle Unit), this innovation has resulted in a major reduction in labour. 

The other standout feature of this project was the raised mesh floor installed through the bugle, crowd, and lane. This raised floor facilitated quick and easy cleaning which ensures longevity of the equipment. 

Grassdale Feedlot - Grassdale, Qld

Thompson Longhorn was responsible for the detailed design, fabrication, and installation of three automated processing facilities at Grassdale, Qld. Two of these facilities were induction yards and once was a hospital facility. Each of these facilities incorporated a pneumatic crowding yard, curved vee lane, hydraulic hospital restrainer and pneumatic draft.

One of the key features and challenges of this project was the design of the induction facility. The two working centres were arranged in a mirrored orientation which resulted in an extensive and custom designed concrete floor.

Grassdale feedlot has a capacity of 30,000 SCU (Standard Cattle Unit) and an estimated annual total of 300,000 cattle movements. With such a high throughput, the time and labour saving advantage of automated pneumatic equipment has made a huge improvement to the efficiency, safety, and economic viability of Grassdale Feedlot.

Whyalla Feedlot - Texas, Qld

Thompson Longhorn was responsible for the detailed design, fabrication, and installation of an automated processing facility at Texas, Qld. This project was a renovation to existing facilities and consisted of a pneumatic crowding yard, double lane curved raceway and a 4-way automated pneumatic draft.

One of the key features of this project was the development of a custom design double lane curved raceway. The challenge with this aspect of the project was the existing concrete slab with which the race and remainder of the working centre was to be integrated.

The upgrades of pneumatic equipment and automation resulted in key improvements:
- Reduced labour requirement
- Improved WH&S
- Improved animal flow
- Improved safety for animals and personnel