"Thompson Longhorn has extensive experience in innovative yard design ensuring safety, labour efficiency and animal welfare. The pneumatic controlled gates combined with infra-red sensoring, have delivered a truly state of the art yard". - Ben Wratten


"I have been using Thompson Longhorn cattle equipment at Boomerang Park for nearly 16 years. I have a Thompson crush and head bail in each of my cattle yards. It's the extra features that makes working cattle in these bails so safe and satisfying. (I believe the new hydraulic bail is silent as well).

The head bail which can be activated front or rear with its head restraint and nose bar make it possible to securely immobilise an animal's head. The squeeze and the anti-backing ratchet put you in complete charge of even the biggest, stroppy animals.

From loading ramps, yard panels, grain and hay feeders, tipping frames and sliding and pivot gates, I regard the Thompson Longhorn cattle equipment as a once in a lifetime expense. I have no hesitation in recommending these products and invite anyone to see them before they buy". - Brandon, Boomerang Park, QLD


"We have years of unpleasant memories from marking our calves in a head bail. Three years ago, we purchased a Thompson Longhorn calf cradle and race. After we set it up in our yards we found it difficult to convince our regular stockmen to change their ways and try it. They handled only two calves and discovered how simple and effective the system was, with the added bonus that the calves don't become stressed. The stockmen have never used the head bail for calf handling since". - Alan Wilton, Bangalow NSW


 "Using Thompson Longhorn equipment for at least a decade we now have three complete sets of Thompson Longhorn yards. These sets of yards include three crushes, which we have found to be strong and durable, their strength far exceeding that which their appearance suggests. Their equipment is also very well priced when compared to their competitors. I believe Thompson Longhorn's products to be a good, strong, durable, versatile and economical way for handling any livestock".  - R.C. Michell, Rowena NSW


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