Show Cattle Producer

Being 35 years in the industry, Thompson Longhorn understands that a lot of time and money goes into preparing your prized livestock for shows and potential sales. The common practice of Artificial Insemination (AI) and Embryo Transfer (ET) means that you require cattle handling equipment that provides you with a high level of safety whilst still performing the required procedures in a timely manner with the least amount of stress on the animal.

Although we manufacture a large range of standard products, you can also benefit from our customising experience to build the equipment for your needs, like our  Specialised Heavy Duty Bull Restrainer that will safely and gently handle the prized bull - we all know that a good bull is a good as a diamond! You can contact us any time to just have a chat about your yard design or just to get the latest information on cattle handling - we understand the life time value of the customer. Whether you choose to buy a singular product or use our extensive "Design-Build" services, we still value the relationship and welcome any enquiries. You as a breeder have specific requirements when handling your animals and we understand that.

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Why Thompson Longhorn?

Breeders and commercial operators alike, have the following questions:

1.     How do I choose a supplier for my yard/equipment? The supplier should be the one that is still supplying parts 20 years down the track and gives you the best value for money. Our products are locally manufactured in our own factory and have exceeded the expectations of many stud stock producers - often adding value to your operation. 

2.     What is the main point I should consider while making my decision? In the end, there should be only one - return on your investment - which means a decrease in your production costs. When you investigate in cattle equipment you will find that most are built with price in mind. Most people, when looking at the price, do not realise that they can save labour costs by buying the right product which is designed for reducing these costs. Whereas, our products are competitive and focus on the level of quality and return on investment that is provided to you. 

Download our free eBook that will discuss this point in further detail.

3.     Which option of design or layout is the best for my purpose? The supplier that delivers the lowest production costs for your operation. In working with you and clearly identifying your operational requirements, we can recommend the best combination of products to lower your production costs - especially labour costs.

4.     Are there any regulations or rules that I need to consider before investing in the yard/equipment? Yes, natural animal behaviour should be incorporated in the design. Most regulations apply to big producers like feedlots and holding yards. When we do your design, we ensure this is incorporated from the beginning of the design.



Animal Welfare

You know that working with livestock that are calm, whether it is processing or mustering, makes any job easier . By incorporating a safe design and utilising the natural behaviour of the animal into our design, you will reduce stress levels in your stock, resulting in minimal bruising and injury. 

The design of Thompson Longhorn's products and yards are based on local and international research done by renowned animal behaviourists, to ensure the least amount of stress on the animal.


Operator Safety

With an increased focus in Workplace Health Safety it is important to provide you with products that not only meets these specific requirements but exceeds them.

When someone is hurt, especially when it is a loved one, it is too late. Prevention is better. Here at Thompson Longhorn we understand that workplace health and safety will become more important in the industry, as an increasing number of people get hurt in farm accidents involving animals. Our continuous development and variety of equipment, whether it is manually, pneumatically or hydraulically operated, provides you with the choice to suit your needs and requirements.