About Thompson Longhorn


Thompson Longhorn is recognized and respected as a world class leader of innovative livestock handling equipment.


We collaborate with clients and partners to streamline and add value to livestock handling processes through the use of the latest technology, research and design.


Leadership – shaping a better industry

Integrity – rock solid

Collaboration – genuine relationships for mutual benefit

Enjoyment – in all we do

Accountability – ownership of behaviours and outcomes

Who Are We?

Thompson Longhorn started in 1983 when an experienced grazier saw a gap in the market for quality cattle equipment that is designed for operator safety and animal welfare. Now, 30 years on, Thompson Longhorn is a leader in the automation of cattle handling equipment that is still designed for durability, operator safety and animal ergonomics but the products now include our extensive collaboration and research and development with the biggest and busiest feedlots and saleyards in Australia. Our products are built to last which provides the benefit of lower production costs whilst still being able to efficiently process your livestock. One of our Western Australian saleyard customers has calculated that one of our restrainers (crushes) has handled more than 2 million cattle - that's an excellent return on investment!

Located in the picturesque Goomburra valley, we proudly provide employment to local people and support the local community and economy. Our mission is to collaborate with customers to provide the best solutions for their needs and not just to sell products. Working with thousands of customers all over the world has proven that the needs of our customers are not the same, therefore we manufacture products to suit our customers' needs. To us, the reputation that we have forged is a great honour. Nothing gives us a greater pleasure than to grow with our customers. The thrill that we receive from a long forging rapport and repeat sale is rarely topped and it's become such a great part of the business.

Our aim is to build long-term relationships with all of our customers and therefore our business model is not based on a quick sale but rather the life time value of the customer.

As a proud, Australian owned and operated family company, Thompson Longhorn continues to lead the way with tried and tested products that is not just another set of yards or piece of equipment but which adds value as a permanent improvement to your property for the future. 

Our purpose

At Thompson Longhorn we’re committed to making the care and management of your animals easier and more productive.
Our team is constantly striving to ensure the development and manufacture of a wide range of animal handling equipment with the highest quality. We will provide service levels unparalleled in the industry and achieve safety standards that show understanding of our commitment to you.

Why Choose Us?

Rather than selling mass produced equipment that is manufactured in another country, we collaborate with our customers to find a solution that will fit in with their operations and reduce (especially labour) production costs whilst providing a high level of operator safety and animal ergonomics. All our automated products are tested in collaboration with the biggest feedlots, saleyards and pastoral companies to ensure durability in all circumstances. These collaborations assist in lowering the cost of production. These savings can be experienced by any customer whether you are a primary producer, breeder, feedlot operator, saleyard operator, pastoral company or even a camel abattoir in UAE or Quatar. 

We also provide "Design-Build" services which were developed to decrease cost to you and to reduce project delivery times by up to 30%. We are constantly striving to ensure that the development and manufacture of our products and designs are of the highest quality. Our services and after sales service are unparalleled in the industry and we are constantly improving and adding to our service proposition.

Regardless of whether you choose to buy a singular product or use our extensive Design-Build services, we value the relationship. It is important to us that we constantly deliver on our promises and the quality of our products and services are paramount. 

We are very serious about our long-term future in the beef industry and we offer you our guarantee on the quality of our products and services.  


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